Grid of 9_Part 1

The Grid of 9 is the first exercise in the ideation process for my thesis.

Rule set summary: write down 3 different areas of questioning and a related initial concept to pursue each. Then, consider 3 completely different ways (tools, methods, forms) for exploring each concept. Tldr: 3 ideas, each made in 3 different ways.     

Develop three completely different sets of domains, issues or questions you are interested in investigating.

  1. I am interested in how AR technology can be applied to entertainment for private spaces such as home and offices.

  2. I am interested in the creation of approachable, interactive, generative public art.

  3. I am interested in the study of social media/content sharing in its relation to the retail and advertising industry.

Next, develop that area of investigation into potential thesis concepts:

  1. AR + home entertainment

    1. I would like to research the current projects/demos made with ARKit to understand the application of it, and make lists of physical activities that people can do within a small private space, and cross link these two lists for inspiration.

  2. Interactive Art

    1. I would like to research the difference between high art and public art, and understand what makes artwork more approachable. I will create a list of the physical mechanisms as well as conceptual cues that makes it so and compare them with my current skillset.

  3. Social media + Advertising

    1. I would like to research the process of creating an advertising campaign, and try to understand the different entry points where technology can be injected, to serve the goal of making a campaign more effective and gain more exposure.

For each concept, think of three completely different project based responses, using different forms of media / methods to realize that concept. Consider using entirely different ways of working, that can address the subject or theme from different perspectives.

For each of the 9 cells, list pros and cons, and rate your relative level of excitement for each. Prepare a 7 minute presentation to share your Grid with your class.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.51.05 AM.png

Aug 29 Discussion with Aaron:

  • Think of different media and different responses
    - excitement/ fear/ others...

  • Polar opposites?
  • Why the medium(tool), and why the space?
  • Public Art - what are the other senses: sound, smell, etc.
  • Why ARKit?
  • Amazing experience on top of ordinary space, or both curated?
  • INTERACTION DESIGN - how to make technology less intrusive?