Research directions

To begin the research--the overarching theme I would like to explore is:

How is reality constructed?

To answer this questions, I've divided it into smaller parts and I'm trying to identity the different entry points from which I can begin to tackle this great question:

Who am I researching?

Discussing reality in the context of what it means to us -- humans.

How do we approach and understand reality?

Our sensory inputs help us form an understanding of the environment.

We get feedback from when we’re interacting with the environment.

Where do we go from there?

We build on top of our existing knowledge of the reality we’re in.


With these directional questions as a starting point, I begin to narrow my research.

The following list is WIP.

Research questions:

  • To what extent can we be fooled by our senses?

  • What is the relationship between our senses and our perception?

  • What role does society play in forming our understanding of reality?

  • What is the experience when one's perception is fragmented and conflicting?

  • How are magicians manipulating their audience's perception? What are the psychological and physical tricks?

Research resources:

  • One Place After Another, site specific art and locational identity. Miwon Kwon

  • School of Constructed Realities. Dunne & Raby

  • Interactive art and embodiment. Nathaniel Stern.

  • Physics and Philosophy, The Revolution in Modern Science. Werner Heisenberg. “We have to remember that what we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.”

  • James Turrell.