Domain exercise

This is the documentation of an in-class Domain Mapping exercise.
Sep 7th, with Professor Jess Irish.


Top level domains:

  • Interactivity
  • Public Art
  • Space Design
  • Psychology

Some design questions:

  • How can I use an installation to document and reflect the traffic that passes through a space in an artistic way? I want to gain a perspective that is meaningful by synthesizing the perceived information.
  • How can I use interactive artwork to influence the way people perceive a space, and generate emotional response accordingly?
  • How can I test the factor that determines how likely a person is to interact with an object, what can I learn from it and how do I translate that into an artwork?
  • How does something man-made --a sculpture or a machine-- live? How can I make it appear to live, breath, sleep and how should or should it not reflect human behaviors?

I then re-organized the questions into three possible design concepts, and for each one of them listed three precedents.


Reflection and revised design question:

  • How do we define reality? What are the aspects of it?
  • How does the physical space help or mislead us on understanding reality, and how does our senses and perception play a role in this process?