User Scenarios

For the complete user scenario design document, please visit this link.


This group of people is your average museum and gallery goers. They are interested in art and culture on a casual level, and would appreciate seeing art of all forms as they do not invest their time into researching and reading about the art world. They would be intrigued by new media art, but would not necessarily recognize the technology it employs until that medium has received considerable recognition (like VR). They sometimes see the value of new media art in the way it’s presentable in the context of social media.


This group of people are new media artists and art enthusiasts. They have either read about or worked extensively on new media art. They are familiar with the industry standards and would have no problem relating what they see to other creative technology projects. They have the ability to speculate, if not instantly recognize, the technology that is involved in the making of this installation. They are familiar with the use of Kinect, Leapmotion, Arduino and other software and hardwares, and will recognize demo creative coding patterns. They will not be solely impressed by the technicality, and they seek to evaluate and challenge the concept and how it fits the delivery of the project.


This group of people are of tangential interests to the installation. They are namely museum curators and grant makers, who are interested in showing or funding new media artwork similar to this project. They are greatly familiar with different forms of interactive installation artwork and new media. They will be my potential collaborators/employers.

I have gathered a list of the events and conferences where I could potentially apply to showcase my work. They all share a focus in showcasing digital, new media artwork. Some events including the NYC Media Lab are oriented around student work from university and institutions, others such as SIGGRAPH and Ars Electronica are created around practising artists. I have also included overseas opportunities such as ARTECH and Reasons to:.